Cadence Action

A sequence of identical movements performed one by one by all team members, usually in rapid succession.

A defensive player whose job is to roam behind the other defenders. A sweeper has no specific marking duties and is the last line of defense before the goalkeeper.

The term “chicken wing” refers to in a golf swing. It relates to the follow through action of a golfer, usually a slicer of a ball, where the left arm (right handed golfer) has bent their arm into their body in such a way it looks a bit like a chicken wing.

A whitewash is an informal term in sport describing a game or series in which the losing person or team fails to score.

A whitewash may be in a single game where the loser fails to score any points or runs, or in a series where the loser fails to win a game.

Often, the term whitewash is used in sports like Cricket,Tennis and Rugby Union.