The apex or clipping point is the point on the inside portion of a corner that a vehicle passes closest to. The apex can also be described as the point of minimum radius and slowest speed achieved in a corner. An apex can be defined as being an earlier apex or later apex. 

An earlier apex will reach the inside of a corner at a higher speed and with a larger radius than a later apex.A driver will typically choose their apex based on their vehicle's corner exit abilities with higher acceleration optimally requiring a later apex.

Jaffa is a delivery that is too good for the batsman, and leaves him groping hopelessly at thin air or as the bowler will hope dismisses him

A flick service is excecuted with an accelarated movement of the wrist just before the shuttle is hit.

The shuttle will leave the racket at a higher speed than the service movement would suggest and therefore could surprise the receiver.

Cadence Action

A sequence of identical movements performed one by one by all team members, usually in rapid succession.