World bridge-main report

SportingIndia|07-Oct-2015 15:05

CHENNAI:  It was Sweden’s day at the HCL-42nd World Bridge Team championship as it established good lead over its opponents in both Bermuda Bowl and d örsi trophy events at the end of the first phase of three rounds (48 boards) in the semi-final  here on Tuesday.

Trailing for the better part of the day,  Sweden making the most of its dream run to lead  142-129 IMPs  over USA 2 at the end of the three segments in the Bermuda Bowl open event Sweden had begun tentatively,  and went into arrears in quick time being  56-76 at the end of first round. USA 2 had started the semi-final with a 16 point carry over, advantage that helped swell the lead only in the initial stage. At the end the second round, Sweden benefitting from a 10 IMP swing in the 11th board  won the game 36-20 to reduce USA 2’s overall lead by a handy four points.   Not one to back track at this stage, Sweden served well by Johan Upmark and Fredrik Nystrom (N-S in open) and Johan Sylvan and Fredric Wrang (E-W  closed) started the gallop from the seventh board at which stage USA 2 was leading 18-0 in this crucial round.  With three successive swings of two digits, Sweden raced away  to win the round 50-33 and make it a satisfying first day.

In the other semi-final, Poland was well under control over England.  Though England started with a 4.33 points carry over, Poland’s worry came only in the final round of the day when it dropped the game though with a minor margin, thanks to a late two-digit IMP swing for England.   Overall,  Poland led 99-88.3 and ready to take the upper hand.

In the Venice Cup the lead teams were doing the job in a forthright manner.  France , starting with a 6 pt carry over, had stretched its score to  114 points, winning all the three rounds over  England, which was way behind on 68. Not much different was USA 2 which with its 9.5 pts carry over, led over a surprisingly low-key Netherlands.  At the end of the day, USA 2 was sitting pretty with 112.5-81.

The seniors competition in the d Órsi trophy also had little room for a keen contest as both USA  1 and Sweden went on an impressive march at the end of the first phase of the last four contest.  USA 1 led 130.5- 77 over its own country-mates USA 2 while Sweden  left Poland trailing 78-93.7.

One Indian team, Formidables, led by Kiran Nadar,  got into the top sixteen teams which qualified at the end of  preliminary phase in the Transnational team event .  Buras (223.15 VPs), Zimmermann (210.47) and 3. Netherlands (199.17) in that order led  the field. Formidables  was placed  ninth.

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