Tough second day ahead for Kynan Chenai, ends 1st day at a disappointing 19th rank

File Photo:Kynan Chenai
IANS|07-Aug-2016 22:05

Kynan Chenai was another hope for India in men’s trap shooting apart from Manavjit Singh Sindhu. Chenai was at the 12th spot at the start of the event. Kynan Chenai, who started well and was at the 12th position slipped and at the end of the first round he dropped to the 23rd position.

Kynan Chenai fell to the 29th position after a score of 22 from a total of 25 shots. At this point of time, the signs are not good for the Indian shooters and they are going further away from the top 8 spots who will qualify. Chenai was at the 27th spot at the end of the first round with a score of 22, his chances of qualifying looked bleak at this point of time.

A lot of hard work required from Chennai at this stage to have any hope to qualify. Chenai started well in the second round and hit five targets but his overall score of 27 kept him on a poor 29th slot. Some good shots from Chenai helped him move to the 21st position, though things did not look good for the Indian shooters.

At this point of time, it seemed that Indian shooters will have another bad day at the games. Kynan Chenai completed his second round with a score of 45 and stood at 23 in the second. Not good enough! At the start of the third round Chenai is on the 18th position. Chenai shots well again and with a total point of 55, moves to the 14th rank.

Chenai after a while was back to the 19th rank as other shooters got into the groove. At the end of the day, Chenai ends at a score of 67/75.

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