Is there a relationship between development of sports and fantasy leagues?

Sportingindia|07-May-2019 18:43

Online Sports fantasy league gaming is a skill based online sports gaming which allows the users to pick a team from the real- life players from upcoming matches. The points earned by the users are directly relevant to the performance of players selected by them in live matches. According to the points earned by the users they are ranked by online sports leagues and prizes are given according to the rank of the person who played it.

There are six companies (Dream 11, My Team 11, Halaplay, 11 Wickets, Fantain and Starpick)  which have started fantasy leagues in India and they organise it for different sports Cricket, Kabaddi, Tennis, Basketball, Nba and Hockey. An interesting fact in it is dream 11 has 85% of the users who are playing cricket fantasy leagues in India. In addition to that, Dream 11 have 90% of share in fantasy sports market in India.  Till now, we have seen an overview of fantasy league and now we will be switching to bussiness and fan loyalty.

Fantasy leagues have two kind of contests for users i) Allowing them to play for free but in this most of the companies will not give prizes to the user and ii) users have to pay and the companies will pay the people according to the rules followed by them.  Earlier days a lot of people played in free contest but now the trend has completely changed and lot of people are involving themselves in paid contests. The main factor for it is that the investment of the user is very less and it is legal for the people to play it.

The amount of users in internet has gone from 368 million in 2016 to 560 million in 2018. The average data per user per month has also increased from 0.24 to 8.34 The main reason is the introduction of jio but the role of fantasy leagues in it cannot be ignored. All these combined together have done two important things for sports which we will be analysed along with fan loyalty of people.

After the introduction of fantasy leagues legally in India, it has not only increased the interest of users in sports but has created a ecosystem around it.  Most heartening fact is that the emergence of fantasy leagues is driving a very deep connection between sports fans and real life sports and fantasy sports has converted many casual viewers into dedicated fans for their respective teams.  It is very surprising but the real truth is fantasy leagues have made created lot of sports fans and made them attached to a particular team.

The biggest advantage of this fan loyalty is the development of sports all around the country. Lot of young people have started to engage themselves into playing these sports which is a huge positive sign for the sports fraternity in the country.  Persons between the age of 37-50 are engaging themselves a lot in fantasy leagues which will automatically indudlge them to play the sports and also encourage their children to play it.

The companies have also started to contribute through their CSR  in the development of players along with the organisation who are involved in it. By way of example, under the recently launched Stars of Tomorrow (SOT) programme, The Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG) in association with Dream11 Foundation, GoSports Foundation and Fantain, is providing financial and other assistance to athletes in the age group of 14 to 21 across non mainstream sports like sailing, squash, golf and swimming, helping them transition from junior to senior level athletes

Sports Fantasy leagues have created a revolution in sports and all the people can feel the kind of impact it has created in the society.  The amount of sports fans will increase by a staggering amont and if it is used in a proper way the sports can be easily reached to all kinds of people in the society. When lot of people start to play, lot of talents can be found out  which will automatically make the country move a step forward in becoming a sports nation.