Sweden and Poland in the Bermuda Bowl final

SportingIndia|08-Oct-2015 11:44

CHENNAI:  The Bermuda  Bowl is ready to be shipped to either Sweden or Poland.  This much became clear in this ongoing HCL-42nd World Bridge Team Championship on Wedneday  at the end of  some sensational twists and turns and a nerve-wracking final round in this Open event.

As it turned out, Sweden edged out USA 2  248-241.7 IMPs in one semi-final   and will meet Poland which managed to squeeze out a narrow 207-205.3 win over England in the other semi-final after surprisingly trailing dangerously close to exit till final boards of the final round .  This is the second entr into the final for both teams, Sweden’s last being in 1953 and Poland making it in 1991.

In the Venice Cup for women both France and  USA 2 virtually sailed through.  Both teams had comparative easy wins, France beating England 211-186 and USA 2 swamping Netherlands 211.2-157 This is the fifth time that France has moved into the final , the last being in 2011 and USA 2 is making it for third time, the last being way back in 1993. But then, the Americans had dominated this section as USA or USA 1 teams  also.

As for the seniors,  USA 1 and Sweden will vie for the d’ Orsi trophy.  While USA 1 brought  down its other representative (USA 2)  216.5-169 , Sweden  defeated Poland 189.7-161.  This is USA 1’s third occasion in the final while Sweden is making its debut.

The focus in the day was totally on the Bermuda competition for such was the closeness of the contest with leads changing like the rates in the stock market.  Sweden  with Wrang, Sylvan, Upmark and Nystrom taking turns and playing in the final round also, had begun badly from its 17.7 IMPs lead overnight. Two losses chipped the margin down and what is more by the last round, Sweden was down by 11.7 IMPs.  The team earned two double digit IMP swings in the later boards in the 6th and final round and that proved the breather.  USA 2 ( Woolridge,  Hurd,  Demuy and Kranyak) for all its fight just did not have the cards to turn the table.

The story was similar in the other match, involving Poland and England, in fact even more thrilling.  Poland had looked a run away victor from it progress and at 182-163.3 at the start of the final round England seemed virtually out. But a swing of 10 IMPs in the very first board started the thriller and there were two more  swings of 15 IMPs each to cushion England’s lead or so it seemed.  The games turned tight but Poland managed to collect 14 more IMPs, six of them coming in the final board.. Victory thus was snatched from England at the final lunge for Poland (Gawrys, Klukowski, Nowosadzki, Kalita.)

In the Transnational team event for the Dastur trophy, there was some cheer for India with Formidables coming  among the eight teams that qualified for the quarterfinals. Formidables defeated Netherlands 102 -84 after trailing 57-67 in the penultimate round. The other seven teams are  Buras, Askgaard, Brasil, Bulgaria open, YBM, Germany and  Zimmermann.

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