File Photo : P V Sindhu / Carolina Marin
SPORTINGINDIA|05-Aug-2018 18:37

P V Sindhu went down fighting to Carolina Marin of Spain in the finals of the World Badminton Championship in straight sets 19-21, 10-21. She is the first women from India to win two silver medals in world championships. The Spaniard won the finals to become the first women’s singles player to win three world championship titles.

In the first set, Spaniard won the first two points but Sindhu opened her account with an error from the opponent and won five points in a row to take an early lead 5-3. The points were won by forcing errors from the other player and beautiful crosscourt drops. The left-hander played a good shot at the backhand side of Sindhu to stop the string of points. Sindhu won the next point with a great net shot but Marin won the next with a great smash to reduce the lead to one.

At 6-5. the Indian won the next two points with a combination of errors from Marin and great play by her to lead 8-5. Spaniard won the next two points with nice drops at the crosscourt side but Sindhu stopped it by a smash down the line to regain the two-point advantage. Marin tried to comeback but Sindhu won the next two points to go into the break 11-8.

After the break, both of them exchanged points to make it 12-9. Sindhu won the next two points with a smash at the opponent body and great retrieving ability to force an error and have a five-point lead 14-9. An error by Sindhu and forehand body smash by Marin reduced the advantage to three points.

Sindhu won the next point with a forced error from Spaniard but Marin cameback to win the next five points to lead 15-11. This was the turning period of the match which shifted the momentum to the player from Spain. Sindhu made it 16-16 by forcing an error from Marin but she regained the lead by a nice cross court drop.

Indian won the next two points with a nice net shot and an error from Marin to make it 18-17. Marin equaled it by a smash down the line and a crosscourt slice broughtback the lead to her 19-18. She won the next point to have two game points but Sindhu saved one by a superb clear to the backcourt. Marin won the set with a great forehand smash in 25 minutes.

The player from Spain carried the confidence and won the first five points to make it 5-0. Sindhu won a point but the Spaniard played really well to go into the break 11-2 with a 9 point advantage. The period involved great net shots, slices and smashes at the body.

Marin never took the medal of the gas and went to 19-7 when Sindhu tried to comeback with three points in a row to reduce the lead to 9 and make it 10-19. An error by Indian gave Spaniard the first match point and she won with a shot at the backcourt.

Sindhu can be very happy with her performance as she had won four medals in the five world championship played by her. It is just a matter of time before Sindhu starts to win themajor championship and age by her side, we can hope that Sindhu will win gold at the coming world championships.