Sakshi Malik - A girl named as comeback queen.

Sakshi Malik after winning the Bronze medal at Rio
Gaurav Saxena |19-Aug-2016 06:55

Aug 20 : Sakshi malik a name which was unfamiliar till early hours of 18 August.  But from today onwards every Indian will remember her till the love for sports in this country exists.

A  girl who did as many as 3 comebacks.  A girl named as comeback queen. From her first match against world number 3. She was behind 0-4 at the end of first half bt she didn't give up. Infact in second round she looked another sakshi which we saw . And won the match 5-4. This is just a beginning of her story.  Next round she was again behind when opponent was at 3 pts. But sakshi started redemption.  And within a move she got 4 pointer.  And was leading 5-3. Opponent played well and match was tied at 5-5 But due to high scoring shot she was declared winner.

In quaters she had an uphill task as Russian champion was in front of her. And Russian had an easy win against sakshi, But it was not end for sakshi as russian reached finals and sakshi has a chance to win bronze through repchage matches. And sakshi needed 2 wins to have a bronze.
First she defeated mongolian with an easy win 13-4 and had an uphill task for bronze as asian number 1 was against her. And with 4 mins gone already in the bout. Sakshi was trailing by 5 points but she has something left which everyone sitting in that arena knew and that was comeback ability of sakshi malik. And everyone knew what she has done in first two rounds . 

Another comeback was on cards and she didn't let billions of hope go down again. And sakshi won the bout by 7-5 but opponent took referal and there was pause in Indian victory celebration but referal was rejected and sakshi got one more point. And india was now in medal tally. After number of 4 finish we finally had a medal and daughter of India gave India a perfect gift of rakshabandhan.

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