Roger Federer wins his 8th Wimbledon title

File Photo : Roger Federer
Raj Kishore Mishra|16-Jul-2017 22:40

To say, age is a number may sound like a time-worn cliche. But when you've someone, even a genius who's very nearly on the wrong side of thirty, even a cliche bears repetition. That's when Roger Federer, nearly 36, took on the towering Croat Marin Cilic, nearly 8 years his junior, in the final of the Wimbledon Championships and decimated him 6-3, 6-1 and 6-4---his record eighth crown on the hallowed grass courts and nineteen overall, also a record. 

When asked in the post-match interview what kept him going, the smiling assassin replied, "I kept believing in myself." Isn't that what all geniuses do?

As a final, this one didn't have the quality and intensity of some of the epic ones in which the Swiss maestro himself was involved in. Maybe, his opponent's as yet unexplained injury(he took two medical time-outs) explains why. But nothing takes the shine away from the King who played arguably some of the best tennis of his illustrious career, not losing a single set during the entire Championships. You're the best, Roger, among all who embraced the beautiful game of tennis.