Quarterfinalists spotted in the World Bridge Championship

SportingIndia|04-Oct-2015 13:40

CHENNAI: Finally the quarterfinalists have been identified in the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and DÓrsi events after the completion of the21 rounds of round robin on Saturday in the HCL-World Bridge team championship here. India is out of all  the three events.

Bulgaria’s grand performance, China’s rise and  the two teams of USA progress have been highpoints  of this stage as the focus shifts to the tougher knock round from Sunday.  From tomorrow the Transnational team events get underway as an additional attraction of this Championship.

The interest as always is on the 8thplace because there were Japan which was surprising many, Brazil and Denmark who all seemed to get a foothold but as it turned out, Sweden overtook all, beating the nearest Japan by 0.14 VPs with a final tally of 225.18 VPs. That is how close the race was.  The other seven are in that order: 1. Bulgaria (277.74 VPs), 2. China (274.90), 3. Poland (267.87) 4. England (267.18), 5.France (256.68), 6.USA 1 (243.67), 7. USA 2 (236.56)

In the Venice cup for women, surprises were nil. In fact Denmark made an outstanding display raising its VPs to  304.11, the highest by any team across the three events to top the table. The others are 2. USA 2 (288.03); 3.USA 1 (281.05); 4. Italy (278.87), 5. England (277.73), 6.China (274.12), 7.Netherlands (274.09), 8. France (266.55)

In the dÓrsi trophy, the upset result was Austria’s exit.  A team which was among the leaders till yesterday slipped and from 7thplace in the penultimate round went out of the reckoning  after the heavy defeat against USA 1 (30-80 IMPs).  Australia’s good show as the highlight in this section. It beat  Japan  46-32 IMPs in the final round. The qualifiers are 1. USA 1 (298.89 VPs), 2. Australia (286.21), 3. Ireland (280.95), 4. Poland (273.84), 5. England (259.93). 6. USA 2 (255.12), 7. Norway (253.27), 8.Sweden (250.41).

To jostle in a crowd is never easy and that was India’s plight.   India finished 12th overall in the Bermuda event after being in the 13 place last night in the midst of heavy activity among the higher-ranked sides.  Still a victory over Egypt 51-29 IMPs (15.38-4.62 VPs)  was noteworthy in the 20th round after the loss to Canada  12-32 IMPs (5.00-15.00 VPs) in the day’s first round (19th) and then came  victory over Jordan to sign off (64-19 IMPs, 18.66-1.34 vPs) . India in the process thus crossed the 200 point in VPs for some consolation. 

The seniors in the dÓrsi trophy were trounced by England 5-68 IMPs ( 0-20) and barely got past Austria 54-52 IMPs (10.61-9.39 VPs) to place 11th, one below last night’s position. India retained that place after its 31-16 IMPs (13.97-6.03 VPs) effort over Norway in the last round  As for the women a consolation win over Chinese Taipei  52-28 IMPs (15.74-4.26 VPs) , an effort by Marienne Karmakar/ Hema Deora (E-W) ( open room) and Pooja Batra/ Monica Jajoo (N-S) (closed) was followed by a loss to Guadeloupe 35-56 IMPs (4.81-15.19) to cement their place at the bottom notwithstanding the relief of a 43-33 IMPs (12.80-7.20 VPs) win over Pakistan in the final round.

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