Qualification pathway for the 2020 Olympics- Tennis (Singles and Doubles events)

Prajnesh Gunneswaran - Ankita Raina
SPORTINGINDIA|07-Jun-2019 17:01

In 2020 Olympics there are a total of five events for both men and women. Events in the upcoming Olympics are i) Men’s Singles, ii) Women’s Singles, iii) Men’s Doubles , iv) Women’s Doubles and v) Mixed Doubles
In this tenth series we will see the various ways for All India Tennis Association (AITA) to send a minimum of one to a maximum of twelve tennis players in five different events for the Tokyo games. 
A total of 172 Tennis players will participate in five events at the Olympics. The host nation will be guaranteed a total of 3 three players that will be split into one player for singles and one team for doubles. Host Country can send more tennis players to 2020 Tokyo events, by winning quota places in qualification events.
Key Explanations
Singles Rankings means the rankings used by ATP or WTA to rank the players and publish it in their respective sites.
Doubles Rankings means the rankings used by ATP or WTA to rank the players and publish it in their respective sites.
Combined Rankings means the ranking of a Doubles or Mixed Doubles team obtained by adding together each tennis player’s best ranking from either the singles or Doubles Ranking published by ATP or WTA on June 8, 2020.Combined ranking will be published by International Tennis Federation (ITF)
                        Men’s and Women’s Singles
Indian tennis players should be among the list of 64 tennis players who had attained direct acceptance into Olympics on June 8,2020going to be released by ITF. If the Indian tennis players are in the list, they had obtained official qualification for Olympics.
The final list of 64 players per event is a combination of rankings, continental places, Grand Slam or Olympic Winner and host country players. Indian players will be able to qualify only through rankings as they did not qualify through other methods.
A total of 56 players will gain direct acceptance through ATP and WTA Singles Ranking by ITF. Through this, a country can enter a minimum of 1 player to a maximum of four players
                          Men’s and Women’s Doubles
       There are three ways by which the Indian Doubles Team can qualify for the 2020 Olympics.
If the Indian Tennis player is ranked inside top 10 of ATP or WTA ranking , then he or she will gain a direct acceptance for Tokyo by ITF. Athlete can qualify only if the partner has fulfilled this criteria- I) Their nominated partner has a minimum ranking of 300 on the singles or doubles ranking.
Second way for Indian team to qualify for the Olympics is to be inside the top 24 Direct Acceptance team based on combined rankings released by ITF.
The final way of qualification for the Indian team for the last  eight places is based on the combined ranking by ITF. They will allocate the places based onthis priority- i) Highest Combined ranked teams with both athletes accepted into Singles events , ii) Highest Combined Ranked with one athlete qualified for the Singles events and iii) other for remaining combined ranked teams
 Mixed Doubles
A total of 16 teams will be selected for this event from the Singles and Doubles players who have already qualified for other events. Direct acceptance will be given by ITF to the highest ranked teams based on their combined rankings. A maximum of two team teams will be selected from a country for this event.
Important Note: - i) India players should be careful in choosing the events to play, as it will play a major role in deciding the ranking of a player or pair.
                              ii) All the players in singles and doubles events has to get the approval of AITA in order to represent the country in Tokyo Olympics
ATP or WTA World Rankings will be crucial for our Tennis players, as it gives them an opportunity to qualify 12 players in five different events. This will not only increase the number of qualified athletes but also increases our chance of getting a maximum amount of medals in the Olympics from Tennis contingent for our country.
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