Qualification pathway for 2020 Olympics- Table Tennis (Individual events)

Sharath Kamal - Archana Girish
SPORTINGINDIA|25-Apr-2019 18:00

Indian Table Tennis Federation has a chance of sending atleast one Table Tennis player in both the Men's and Women's Individual event, if they do not qualify as a team for the 2020 Olympics.
There are two ways in which the India can qualify an individual athlete per gender for the 2020 games.
         • Indian table tennis players should be among the top six at the Asian Table Tennis Championship. In this championship athletes who have already qualified for Olympics will not be taken into account. India can qualify a maximum of  two athletes per gender, if they are among the top six at this championship.
        • The final opportunity to get into the Olympics is to participate in the Final World Singles Qualification Tournament and be among the top eight ranked athletes among the athletes who have not qualified for the 2020 Games. In this   tournament also they can qualify athlete in both the events.
        There are three ways in which India can send a Mixed Doubles pair for the Tokyo Olympics.
        • Indian pair should win the gold at the Asian Table Tennis Championship in order to qualify for the Olympics.
        • The pair should enter the semifinals of World Tour 2019, if they want to represent the country at Olympics.
        • Final Opportunity is to be among the top five of the World tour 2020 to qualify for Tokyo event.
         A total of 16 mixed doubles pair will qualify for Olympics and each country can have only pair in this event.
         Important- Any qualified athletes in Mixed Doubles must be part of the team composition if India has qualified a team of that Gender.
Both the qualification ways will be crucial for our Table Tennis Players, as it gives them an opportunity to qualify four athletes in two different events. This will not only increase the number of qualified athletes but also increases our chance of getting a medal in the Olympics for the first time in Table Tennis.