Qualification pathway for 2020 Olympics-Swimming (Individual events)

Virdhawal Khade
www.sportingindia.com|28-Jul-2019 15:10

In 2020 Olympics there are a total of 17 events for men and 17 events for women which can be seen in this link (https://tokyo2020.org/en/games/sport/olympic/swimming/)
In this series we will see the various ways by which Swimming Federation of India (SFI) can qualify their athletes for Olympics.
A total of 878 Athletes will participate in all the events at the Olympics. 
There are three ways in which India can qualify at least one individual athlete per gender and a maximum of 56 swimmers in both genders in all the events for the 2020 games.
     • Indian Swimmers who have achieved the Olympic Qualifying Time A (OAG A) will directly get into the Tokyo 2020. India can send two athletes per event if both of them have gone below the OAG (A). 
    • Indian swimmers can go for the Olympics by going under the Olympic Selection Time (OST). FINA will invite these swimmers only if the quota of 878 athletes is not met by the above mentioned way and Host Quota Places. They will send an invite for athlete along with their event. Swimmer cannot participate in any other event they have not been provided in invitation. Indian can send only one swimmer per event.
Click the link to know the timing for OAG (A) and OST-https://www.fina.org/sites/default/files/general/final_-_2018-03-19_-_to...
If the Indian Swimmers have not qualified through the above two ways, then FINA will give a chance for India to enter a male athlete in any of the event .
Qualifying Period :- All the Swimmers have to get their timings between 1st March 2019 to 29th June 2020, so they can qualify for the Olympics.
Important Note:-
i) All the Indian swimmers should achieve their performances in the events recognized by FINA to secure the ticket for Olympics.
ii) Any Swimmer can go to the Olympics only if the swimmer is approved by Swimming Federation of India (SFI).
  OST will crucial for our swimmers, as the entry standard set by FINA is quite difficult for the athletes to reach it. SFI along with the swimmers and coaches should  participate in lot of competitions and try to achieve the qualification for Olympics. Indian Swimmers can do their best and try to get into the semifinal by giving personal bests during the heats.