Qualification pathway for the 2020 Olympics- Shooting (Individual and Mixed Team events)

Saurabh Chaudhary - Anjum Moudgil
SPORTINGINDIA|02-May-2019 17:21

 In 2020 Tokyo Olympics there are a total of 15 events i) 10m Air Rifle Men, ii) 10m Air Rifle women, iii) 10m Air Rifle Mixed Team, iv) 10m Air Pistol Men, v) 10m Air Pistol Women, vi) 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team, vii) 50m Rifle Three Position Men, viii) 50m Rifle Three Position Women, ix) 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men, x) 25m Pistol Women, xi)Trap Men, xii) Trap Women, xiii) Trap Mixed Team, xiv) Skeet Men and xv) Skeet Women.

In this fifth series we will see how Shooting Federation of India has a chance of sending atleast one athlete and a maximum of 30 athletes in both Men’s and Women’s category for the 2020 Olympics. A total of 360 athletes will participate in the Men's and Women's category. The host nation will be given six quotas place in both these categories.

There are four ways in which India can qualify atleast one individual athlete per gender and a maximum of 30 athletes in both genders in all the eventsfor the 2020 games.

   • World Shooting Championship 2018- They have to be among the top four athletes in an event to qualify for that particular event in the Tokyo Olympics. This championship gives India a chance to qualify for the team event as well as the individual event.

  • ISSF World Cups 2019- There will be four world cups for the rifle and trap shooters throughoutthe qualification period. In this world cups athletes who have not qualified for Olympics, can only qualify for the 2020 games. Indian shooters should enter at least the finals of each event to be among the two shooters have not qualified for Tokyo Olympics.

  • Asian Shooting Championship 2019 - Indian Shooters who have not qualified in any of the above two ways, can qualify for Olympics through this championship. In this Continental event also the athletes who have not qualified for the Olympics, can only qualify for the Tokyo event. They should atleast enter the finals in each event and be among three or four shooters who have not qualified for 2020 Olympics,
  • ISSF World Ranking- If any of our shooters has not qualified in one of the 12 individual events and they are the highest ranked athlete according to ISSF at the end of the qualification period. They are eligible to represent the country at the Olympics.

Important note: - 1. Each country can send a maximum of two athletes in individual events and one team in Mixed Team events 2. All the shooters can enter the Olympics only if they have achieved the Minimum Qualification score set by ISSF during the qualification period

Mixed Team- Athletes can enter the Olympics through the Mixed Team Quota places provided at World Championship and also from double starters who are also entered in Individual events.

Double Starters- Double starters are shooters who are entered by India in Olympics in an event where the country has got a quota place. They can also participate in other events if they have achieved the Minimum qualification score and allowed by the country to participate in it. Indian Shooters who have fulfilled this eligibility criterion, can participate in the Mixed Team event and help them to win medals.

All of the four qualification ways will be crucial for our Shooters, as it gives them an opportunity to qualify 30 athletes in 15 different events. This will not only increase the number of qualified athletes but also increases our chance of getting a maximum amount ofmedals in the Olympics from Shooting contingent for our country.