Qualification pathway for the 2020 Olympics- Rowing (Individual and Team events)

Photo : Dattu Baban Bhokanal
SPORTINGINDIA|19-Jul-2019 17:58

In 2020 Tokyo Olympics there are a total of 14 events in Rowing  i) Single Sculls Men, ii) Single Sculls women, iii) Pair Men, iv) Pair Women, v) Double Sculls Men, vi) Double Sculls Women, vii)  Four Men, viii)  Four Women, ix) Quadruple Sculls Men, x) Quadruple Sculls Women, xi) Eight  Men, xii) Eight Women, xiii) Lightweight Double Sculls Men and xiv) Lightweight Double Sculls Women.

In this series we will see the qualification guidelines for Rowing Federation of India  which has a chance of sending atleast one athlete and a maximum of 48 athletes in both Men’s and Women’s category for the 2020 Olympics. A total of 526 athletes will participate in the Men's and Women's category. The host nation will be given two quota places in both these categories.

There are three ways in which India can qualify at least one individual athlete per gender and a maximum of 48 athletes with 14 boats in both genders in all the events for the 2020 games.
            • World Rowing Championship 2019- Indian rowers has to get different ranking positions in various events to qualify for the Olympics which will be listed below: 
            i) Single Sculls- They have to be among the top nine rowers to get into tokyo event.
            ii) Pair and Double Sculls- Rowers has to be in top 11 positions to get a place in Olympics.
            iii) Four and Quadruple Sculls- Indian rowers should be in the top 8 places to obtain place for 2020 event.
            iv) Eight – They have to progress for the finals to secure a place in Olympics.
            v) Lightweight Double Sculls – Rowers should get a rank below 8 to go for 2020.
          • Asian Continental Championship 2019- Indian rowers should be among top 5 in Men’s Single Sculls and top 3 in Lightweight Doubles Sculls events through this continental championship for Tokyo event. Athletes who have qualified for Olympics cannot take part in this event. All the contintental championship gives chance only in two events.

           • Final Qualification Regatta 2019 – Indian Rowers who have not qualified in any of the above two ways, can qualify for Olympics through this Regatta. They should at least be top two in to get a spot for 2020 Olympics. In this event also the athletes who have not qualified for the Olympics, can only qualify for the Tokyo event.

             Important note: - 1. Each country can send a maximum of one boat in all the events 2. All the shooters can enter the Olympics only if they have been selected and given permission by the National federation for Olympics.3. NOC can select one alternate boat for every event in which they have a qualified boat.

All of the three qualification ways will be crucial for our Shooters, as it gives them an opportunity to qualify 48 athletes in 14 different events. This will not only increase the number of qualified athletes but also get an opportunity for Rower to bag the first medal for India.