Qualification pathway for the 2020 Olympics- Judo (Individual events)

Photo : Avtar Singh
SPORTINGINDIA|18-Aug-2019 17:10

In 2020 Tokyo Olympics there are a total of 15 events in different weight categories for both Men and Women in Judo

Men- i) Men’s 60 kg, ii) Men’s 66 kg, iii) Men’s 73 kg, iv) Men’s 81 kg, v) Men’s 90 Kg, vi) Men’s 100 kg and vii) Men’s +100 kg, 

Women- i) Women’s 48 Kg, ii) Women’s 52 Kg, iii) Women’s 57 Kg, iv) Women’s 63 kg, v) Women’s 70 Kg, vi) Women’s 78 kg and vii) Women’s +78 kg 

A Mixed team event will be conducted in Olympics for first time in its history.

In this series we will see how Judo Federation of India (JFI) has a chance of sending at least one to a maximum of fourteen judo players in fifteen different events. 

A total of 386 Judo athletes will participate in 15 different events at the Olympics. The host nation will be guaranteed 14 quota places with a clause of only one player per event.

There are three ways in which India can qualify at least one individual athlete  and a maximum of 14 Judokas in all the events for the 2020 games.

              • IJF World Ranking- Indian Judo Players have to be inside the top 18 in their event according to the ranking list published by International Judo Federation (IJF) on 31st May 2020. Athletes outside this ranking might also qualify as a country can send only one athlete per event.IJF World Ranking gives India a chance to qualify 14 Judo players in 15 events for Tokyo Olympics.

             • Continental Qualification - Indian Judokas who have not qualified in the above way, can qualify for Olympics through the continental ranking list created by IJF for all the events. They have to be within the top 20 of continental ranking list published by IJF on 31st May 2020 to get a maximum of one athlete for the Olympics. IJF has allocated 10 quota places per gender for the Asian Continent.

              • JFI has an opportunity of sending only one athlete for the Olympics if they have not qualified through the above ways. A lot of factors have to go in our way to get this quota place. Continents should not be able to fulfill their entire quota places and then the Judo athlete should be inside the IJF highest ranked athlete per gender to grab this one spot for Tokyo Olympics.

Important Note: -i) India can participate in Mixed team event only if they have 3 players per gender in any weight category qualified for 2020 event.
                         ii) All the players in Individual events selected for Olympics will be allowed to participate only with the approval of JFI.

 IJF World Rankings will be crucial for our Judokas, as it gives them an opportunity to qualify 14 athletes in 15 events. This will not only increase the number of qualified athletes but also increases our chance of getting their first medal by Judo Athletes for the country at Olympic level.