Qualification pathway for the 2020 Olympics- Hockey (Team events)

Manpreet Singh-Rani Rampal
SPORTINGINDIA.COM|09-May-2019 16:18

In 2020 Tokyo Olympics there are a total of two events i) Men's team event and ii)Women's team event
In this sixth series we will see how Hockey Federation of India has a chance of sending two teams in both Men’s and Women’s category for the 2020 Olympics. A total of 12 teams will participate in the Men's and Women's category. The host nation will be allowed to particpate one team in both these categories.
There are two ways in which India can qualify atleast one team  per gender and a maximum of two teams in both genders in all the events for the 2020 games.
India should win the gold medal in Asian Games 2018 to qualify directly for the 2020 Olympics.
If they do not qualify in the above way, then the process for qualification becomes quite complicated for the Indian Hockey Team.
. Indian hockey federation has decided not to participate in the FIH Pro league event. So they will be going through a different way to be in the Olympics.
. Indian hockey team will play in the Hockey Series finals 2019 which will be conducted in three phases and be among the top two placed teams in second event in order to be eligible to participate in the final qualification touranment for 2020 games. A total of six teams will go through this route to the final touranment.
      . If they fail to be in the top two in the above mentioned touranment, then the final chance is to be as two top ranked teams in FIH rankings at the end of all continental qualification touranments.
      . India will play in the final touranment for qualification in Olympics, if they have met atleast one of the above mentioned criteria by FIH.
       . A total of twelve teams will participate in the final qualification touranment and will be drawn to play again each other. Each match will have two legs and the team which have scored the most amount of goals will go directly into the Tokyo Olympics
Important Note:- i) Both the Indian teams have not qualified through the Asian games, so they will go through a tough process in order to be in the Olympics. 
ii) The Host Nation Japan has won the Asian Games 2018 in both categories, so the number of teams in final qualification tournament has been increased to 14 and now seven teams can get into the 2020 Olympics. Another important thing is the number of team which can go through world ranking to enter the final chance has increased to four.
The final qualification way will be crucial for our hockey team, as it gives them an opportunity to qualify two teams in 2 different events. This will not only increase the number of qualified teams but also gives us a chance of the hockey team to get a medal in the Olympics.