Qualification pathway for the 2020 Olympics- Fencing (Individual and Team events)

Bhavani Devi
SPORTINGINDIA|04-Aug-2019 17:43

Events in Fencing
There will be a total of 12 events for Fencing in Olympics – 
      • Men Events:- Individual Foil, Team Foil, Individual Epee, Team epee, Individual Sabre and Team Sabre.
      • Women Events:- Individual Foil, Team Foil, Individual Epee, Team epee, Individual Sabre and Team Sabre.
In this series we will see the ways available for Fencing Association of India to send atleast one fencer and a maximum of 18 fencers in both Men’s and Women’s category for the 2020 Olympics. A total of 212 athletes will participate in the Men's and Women's category. The host nation will be given a total of eight quota places for upcoming Olympics.
There are three ways in which India can qualify the Fencers for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics:-
        • India can qualify three fencers per event if the Indian team has qualified for Olympics by being among the top eight teams according to FIE (International Fencing Federation) World Rankings on 4th April,2020.
        • Indian fencers have a second chance to qualify for the Olympics through the Individual World Ranking released on 4th April 2020 by FIE. They have to be among the top two fencers in their event from Asia-Oceania Zone. Fencers qualified through teams are not eligible for this method.
        • If India has not qualified any fencer by the above two ways, then the only way is to be the top fencer in their event among Asia-Oceania Fencers as per the World Rankings to get a spot in the Olympics.
Important note: - 1. All the countries can qualify their fencers only through the FIE World Rankings 2. All the Fencers can enter the Olympics only if they have been selected and given permission by the National federation for Olympics.3. NOC can select one alternate fencer for every event in which they have a qualified fencer.
All of the three qualification ways will be crucial for our Fencers, as it gives them an opportunity to qualify 18 fencers in 12 different events. 
Opportunity- Bhavani Devi in Women’s Sabre has the best chance to represent India in Olympics after her superb show at the World Fencing Championship. She become the first fencer to enter pre quarterfinals which pushed her ranking to top 50 in world.  
If two of the Asian Countries qualify in team event it will be easy for Bhavani to represent India in Olympics otherwise it will reduce the chance of participating in Olympics. Bhavani can enter by performance with luck faving her, she can become the First fencer for India at Olympics.