Qualification pathway for 2020 Olympics-Athletics (Relay, Race Walk and Marathon events)

Photo : Dharun Ayyasamy-Hima Das
SPORTINGINDIA|13-Jul-2019 17:53

In the second part, we will see how India can qualify athletes for Relay, Race Walks and Marathon events. 
 Relay Event
There are total of five events in the relay category at the Olympics. Events are         
 i) 4x100m Men Relay, ii) 4x100m Women Relay, iii) 4x400m Men Relay, iv)4x400m Women Relay and 4x400m Mixed Relay.
There are two ways by which the Athletic Federation of India (AFI) can send a relay team for the Tokyo Games:-
        i) Indian relay team should enter the finals of the 2019 World Athletic Championships to qualify for the Olympics.
        ii) The Final opportunity for the relay team to get into the Olympics is by being in top eight according to IAAF World Top Lists to be released on 29 June 2020.
        Note:-  IAAF will inform the NOC’s of their eligibility to compete in the Relay Competitions at Olympics.
                i) Indian Athletes can qualify for the marathon event by achieving the entry standard published by IAAF and also through the world rankings released by IAAF on 29 June,2020 to the 2020 Olympics.
                ii) The final chance for the athletes is to be among the top 10 ten places at the World Athletics Championship 2019, top 5 at IAAF Gold Label Marathons and top 10 at the Major Marathon Series.
Race Walks
                         There are a total of 3 Race Walk events at the Olympics i) 20 Km Race Walk Men, ii) 20 Km Race Walk Women and iii) 50 Km Race Walk Men.
Indian Athletes can qualify for these events by achieving the entry standard and through the World Rankings published by IAAF on 29 June 2020.
Important Note for All Events-
             i) All the age requirements and maximum of three athletes per NOC per event applies to the Marathon and Race Walk.
             ii) Entry Standards for the events Marathon a) Men-2:11.30 b) 2:29.30
               20 Km Race Walk a)Men 1:21.00 b) 1:31.00
               50 Km Race Walk Men 3:50.00
            iii) Any Athlete can go to the Olympics only if the athlete is approved by Athletic Federation of India (AFI).
IAAF World  Championship and Rankings will very crucial for our relay teams, Race Walkers and Marathoners to qualify for the 2020 Olympics. AFI along with the athletes and coaches should be very careful to make them peak at the IAAF World Championship, so they can easily qualify for the Tokyo event. There is a high probability of AFI getting their first medal in Athletics , if all the plans come together in Olympics.