Is the Prize money from celebrities are really having a positive impact on Athletes?

Sportingindia|06-May-2019 20:46

Celebrities giving money to encourage the athletes might seem that they are encouraging them to achieve more in future events. Lot of people in India are also appreciating the things done by these huge icons and it has become a regular habit in the country to criticize the federations for not finding the talents. But there is other side of this which we are going to see in depth in this article.

Gomathi Marimuthu won the gold in 800m event at Asian Athletics Championship and become a sensation overnight in the country because of her huge achievement. She has come from a rural village named Mudikandam located in the city of Trichy and got the Gold medal for India with a timing of 2:02.70. Famous Tamil Celebrities like Robo Shankar and Vijay Sethupathy has already donated rupees 1 lakhs and 5 lakhs respectively to her and more will donate in future. It seems amazing that the actors have come up and donated money to her.

But on the other side, it will put a lot of pressure on both the state and national federation of Athletics to give more attention to her and improve the performance of the athlete in future competitions. In reality, Gomathi’s is ranked 75th in IAAF World Ranking and has a good chance of qualifying to the Olympics based only with the proper guidance of federation, not with the money from celebrities.

The other important point is the work of state federation which had helped her reach the national level has been completely negated. The sad part in it, they have not only been gone unrecognized but also have a negative image among the public.  Media showing that the celebrities are donating so much indirectly means that national federation did not provide her necessary infrastructure to succeed in such big events.

 It is not the exact truth, both the state and national federation have done their best and provided necessary amenities for her to achieve success at the Asian Championship. Gomathi’s gold medal could have not been possible without the help of these federations. It is important for the media houses to show the involvement of federations in creating such talent and achieve success at these competitions. In Gomathi’s case, the entire limelight is stolen by the celebrities who have donated to her instead of the real persons behind it.

Medallist in the same championship Shivpal  Singh (Javelin throw) and Tajinder Singh (Shot Put) did not get the same kind of attention which Gomathi got for her performance. It can have a negative psychological effect on these athletes, even though their marks got them much better IAAF World Ranking points and rank. Shivpal is ranked 18th in this event while Tajinder is ranked 25th  in their respective IAAF world ranking.In the case of Shivpal, he has got qualified for the world championship with a throw of  86.23m but nobody thought of even appreciating such an achievement from the youngster. So it is necessary for the celebrities to just stop with appreciation and it is the work of federation to make strides in the career of athletes.

Media houses should start to show the federations involved in the success of the athlete that will give a positive image about them to the General Public. This will surely help the federations to do much better as they are getting recognized and appreciated by various stakeholders. If federations are able to get it, it will serve as a boost and help the sports improve in the country.