Poland wins the Bemuda Bowl amidst dramatic swing in fortunes

SportingIndia|11-Oct-2015 14:19

CHENNAI:  In what was an unbelievable swing of fortunes Poland sprung back from despair to post a 307.5-293  win over Sweden and registered its maiden triumph in the Bermuda Bowl open event  on Saturday in the HCL-42nd World Bridge Team Championship held here.
In keeping with the final of a championship this proved a top draw stuff out and out.  Leading  236.5-190 at the end of three rounds of 16 boards each overnight,  Poland seemed to be sitting pretty. But Sweden did not take long to prove how fickle a lead can be particularly in the final of a world championship.  In the very first of the two rounds, planned as a final phase of the title-round,  sheer brilliance of Sweden’s play  melted away Polish aspirations so it seemed.  Sweden’s  pairs of  Upmark and Nystrom (N-S) in the open room and  Sylvan and Wrang (E-W) in the closed,  just left  the Poles dazed with a series of five double digit swings in IMPs.  Even before Poland (Gawry’s and Klukowski sitting E-W in open and Kalita and Nowasadski in N-S in closed)could open,  Sweden had gone to 17.  Then came the dramatic surge and Sweden enlarged the lead to finish the game with a whopping 70-6 IMPs to wrest the overall lead (260-242.5).
“If they could do that, we said we should not lag behind,” said Polish player Jassem Krysztof of how his teams pairs  collected themselves and never allowed the slide to affect them psychologically.  Both teams employed the same pairs but the fortunes turned the other way.  An early 11 IMP swing  gave Poland the momentum and then three double digit swing followed later to consolidate the position as the Poles showed their worth.  The pair of Gawrys and Klukowski stood out in the closed room.  Interestingly this pair represented a unique blend, Gawrys was a veteran and Klukowski a star of the future, who at 19 has become part of the world champion team.  Their flair added by the support that the other two in the closed provided magnified the hesitancy and indifferent bidding of the  Swedes no matter the late 10 IMP swing in the final board. Poland had proved its point of winning.  Poland which had come to this championship with a heavy mental burden after two players were asked to leave on alleged cheating issues, had wanted to prove that “all was well with their play.”  The team could not have done it in a better way.
As an added feather to Poland’s achievement was the deed of Gawrys which got enriched with this Bermuda Bowl victory.  He now holds the unique record of not only being associated with the winning of Rosenblum  Cup world bridge series  2014 (held at Sanya, China), the world team olympics (1984), Transnational mixed team 2000 and Transnational Open teams 2005, world masters individual  1992, European  teams championship 1993 and European Open pairs in 1995 but the biggest of them all , the Bermuda Bowl.
The bronze medal for this event went to USA 2 which beat England 252.3-243.
In the Venice Cup, France won the GOLD, USA2 the SILVER and England the BRONZE medal.
In the d’Orsi Cup, USA1 won the GOLD, Sweden the SILVER and Poland the BRONZE medal.
The winner in the Transnational team event was  the Monaco team of Zimmermann which beat  Bulgaria Open 125-91 and third placed team was YBM which beat Askgaard  65-48.

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