One of Indrajith or me should have carried on, says Bharath Shankar

File photo:Bharath Shankar
TNCA.CRICKET|10-Aug-2017 11:46

Bharath Shankar of Ruby Trichy Warriors addressed the media after his team's six-wicket loss against Chepauk Super Gillies at the NPR College Ground, Natham, on Wednesday in the India Cements Ltd TNPL game. Excerpts:
It was a rain-hit match.. 
Ans: That is not in our control. It was good work done by the ground staff to make it possible for the match to happen. 17 overs is a good game. 
Where do you think you lost the match today? 
Ans: Inder (Baba Indrajith) and I have been playing well for the past three or four games. So either of us should have played till the 15th over, at least. We both are in good form and we are the only people striking the ball well in our team.  Others play around us. Either of us need to play till the 12th or 15th over. It didn't click for both of us and we lost the game there. We bowled really well. M Prabhu's over, where he gave away two sixes, changed the momentum. These are the two areas we lost the game. 
What has been the learning experience from the matches you played so far? 
Ans: Not to get carried away and take responsibility which I am not doing. Like for example, Washington Sundar from (Albert) Tuti Patriots and many other players have the reputation and are living upto their reputation. Ofcl course I am also talented but I am not making the use of that.
Talk about contributions of Tinu Yohannan and Ajay Kudua.. 
Ans: Both of them are very good coaches and keep things simple. At the end of the day, we need to apply ourselves on the field. Coaches can only give inputs and they will give us the practice. No use blaming the coaches; we need to blame ourselves for the way we perform.