Namibian boxer arrested for alleged sexual harassment at Rio Games

File Photo:Jonas Junius
IANS|09-Aug-2016 16:04

Rio de Janeiro, Aug 9 : Brazil's police arrested a Namibian boxer registered to participate in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games for alleged sexual harassment, according to local media reports. Jonas Junius, 22, allegedly tried to kiss a waitress from a hotel in the Olympic Village on Sunday and offered her money in exchange for sexual relations.

The Brazilian waitress refused to agree to this and went to the police, reports Xinhua. Junius is the second athlete who has been arrested by Brazil's police within three days of the Games starting, after Moroccan boxer Hassan Saada, 22, was arrested last week.

Saada was detained for allegedly sexually assaulting two waitresses in an Olympic Village hotel while in the presence of other athletes who did nothing to defend the women. Saada was eliminated from the competition even before competing and was sent to jail on Monday.

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