Murray: Non-league has a pool of talent|09-Oct-2019 12:33

Ahead of this weekend's Non-League Day, Brighton striker praises the ability of players in the lower divisions

Ahead of Non-League Day on Saturday 12 October, we spoke to Premier League players who once plied their trade in levels of the game beneath the top four divisions of the English football pyramid.

Glenn Murray
The Brighton & Hove Albion striker has shown a keen eye for goal during a distinguished Premier League career.

And Murray, who has 36 goals from 132 top-flight appearances with the Seagulls, Crystal Palace and AFC Bournemouth, also possesses vision when it comes to spotting promising young players too.

The former Workington, Barrow and Carlisle United forward believes there is a deep pool of talent playing in the lower leagues.

And when time permits, he gets along to non-league matches in Sussex and takes a first-hand look himself.

"It's a fantastic place to look for talent," he said.

"I still think there's a lot of players playing in non-league who can step into the Football League with ease. It's a great breeding ground."

Show your support on Non-League Day
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