Mirabai Chanu disappoints - finishes with no rank and no aggregate score

Miruabai Chanu in action during the event in Rio.
Sportingindia|07-Aug-2016 06:56

Rio de Janeiro, 7 Aug: Saikhom Mirabai Chanu was the last Indian competitor for the day. Chanu represented India in the 48 kg weightlifting category. Chanu looked to win a medal for India on the opening day of weightlifting competitions. After Chinese world record holder pulled out of the category, there are many weightlifters who hoped to win the medal.
India’s Chanu is a national record holder and is coached by Kunjarani Devi. Mirabai Chanu was unable to lift 82 kg in her very first attempt, there are 2 more attempts for her to lift 82 kg.
Chanu did well to lift 82 KG weight in her second attempt. She had to lift 84 kg now.
Mirabai was unsuccessful at lifting 84kg in snatch! She had now 82kg from snatch going into the clean and jerk round.
At the halfway stage, Sopita Tanasan was at the 1st place. Mirabai Chanu was on 82.  Chanu was all geared up for the clean and jerk stage, where even bigger weights were to be lifted.
Mirabai Chanu went for 104 kg but could not lift above her body. Legs gave way. Next two attempts will be important for Chanu.
Chanu attempted 106 kg but she failed twice. She has no rank and no score to her name which is so disappointing for her as well as the Indian fans.

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