Manvajit Singh Sandhu ends first day at a disappointing 16th rank, tough second day ahead

File Photo:Manvajit Singh Sandhu
IANS|07-Aug-2016 22:33

Manvajit Singh Sandhu was in action for India in the men’s trap shooting. Sandhu was placed at the 13th spot at the start. Sandhu was doing very well at the end of the first round and was sitting pretty at the 3rd position. His score was 11 at the end of the first round.

Some hope for India. At the end of the first round, it was Guarnieri who was sitting at the top position, the second position went to Glasnovic of Croatia. If Sandhu maintained his focus at this stage he could well reach the semifinals of the event.

The great run of Sandhu, however could not sustain and he slipped to the 13th position as he missed by a fine margin. A couple of missed shots from Sandhu put him to the 17th position. So couple of bad shots and Manavajit Singh Sandhu fell from a strong third position to the 17th position.

There was still a glimmer of hope for Sandhu as he was placed at the 15th position at the end of the first round with a score of 23. Manavjit started his second round really well and moved to the 12th position. After some excellent shots, Sandhu missed a few and slipped to the 28th position.

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