Last moment goal from Germany sinks India, Germany sits top on the table of Group B

IANS|08-Aug-2016 21:34

The first quarter started with Germany hoping for the third Olympic title. India on the other hand, has been the champion eight times, but long back. The first 10 minutes saw some pacey encounters, with India’s first attempt at the German goal came in the 12th minute.

Nikkin Thimmaiah's shot was saved quite easily. India seemed quite aggressive in the first quarter, but the German defense proved to be too solid. In the second quarter, Germany shifted gear and they became quite Pacey in the field and the first goal from Germany came in the 3rd minute of the second quarter. Niklas Wellen did a brilliant field goal.

From the Indian side, the first goal came from Rupinder Pal Singh, who scored his third goal for India in the Rio games. The second quarter ended 1-1. India won a penalty corner midway in the third quarter, but a brilliant save from the German goalkeeper denied another goal to Rupinder Paul.

India made several attempts in the third quarter but with zero conversion. The third quarter ended 1-1. In the fourth quarter India continued to build pressure, but German defense was too strong. It was Germany in the end who took advantage of a minor Indian lapse which they converted into a goal when just 3 seconds remained to be played in the game. Germany won the match 2 goals to 1.

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