Lamar Odom collapses at nightclub

File Photo : Lamar Odom
IANS|06-Nov-2017 13:44

Los Angeles, Nov 6 : Retired professional basketball player Lamar Odom collapsed at his VIP booth at a nightclub here.

The incident happened on Sunday morning, according to a video by TMZ Sports.

Odom was at the nightclub at Sunset Boulevard when several staffers and patrons noticed the ex-NBA star collapse to the ground around 2 a.m. Later, security rushed in to help, reports

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The person who shot the video told TMZ that he saw Odom drinking for several hours before the incident.

Odom has a serious history with substance abuse -- he almost died from drug overdose at a brothel in 2015. He has since gone to rehab and vowed to change his life but he has been partying a lot lately.