India's Atanu Das finishes fifth in Men's archery ranking round

File Photo:Atanu Das
IANS|05-Aug-2016 19:38

Rio di Janeiro, Aug 5: India's Atanu Das finishes fifth in Men's archery ranking round, gives a great start to the Indian campaign India’s Atanu Das made it to the Rio Olympics after leaving behind experienced archers such as Jayanta Talukdar and Mangal Singh Champia.

The trials were conducted by the Archery Association of India. Atanu Das started India’s campaign in individual archery event which started at 5:30 PM IST today. Das started well and after 6 arrows, he stood at 3rd position with a score of 58 points. Second string of bows however didn’t go that well for Das as he slipped to 24th position with a sore of 111.

Das however managed well and gained in rank as he scored 57/60 in the third and the fourth round. The efforts of Das was commendable and he had 225 points in his kitty after the end of the 4th round. Das stood at the 13th position. Das however slipped to the 17 position after scoring 55/60 in the 5th round.

Das however played brilliantly again to score 57/60 and improve by 2 positions to finish at the 15th position. At the end of the 6th round Das had a total of 335 points, while Kim Woojin was placed first. In the 9th round, Das played brilliantly and has moved to 10th position. He scored a brilliant 59/60.

At the end of the 10th round, Das stood at 11th position with a total of 566 points. Atanu again put all his experience together to score a perfect 59/60 in the 11th round to move to the 7th position. At the end of the 12th round, Atanu Das stood at 5th position with a total score of 683 points. This is definitely a great start to India’s archery campaign in Rio Olympics.

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