India’s Soumyajit Ghosh loses to Tanviriyavechakul Padasak 1-4

Rio de Janeiro, 7 Aug: This was the start of the men’s Table Tennis event at the Rio Olympics.  The very first match featured an Indian player Soumyajit Ghosh against Tanviriyavechakul Padasak. After the loss of Manika amd Mouma in women’s TT events, there was a lot of expectations from Ghosh to do well.

Ghosh was ranked 39th and he is facing a 57th seed player. In the first game, the scores were leveled at 3-3. Padasak however took lead after playing some attacking top spin shots. Ghosh lost the first game 8-11. This was a disappointing start for Ghosh and the Indian fans were expecting that Ghosh does well in the second game.

In the second game Ghosh started somewhat better and was 5-6 at a point but then Padasak took 4 straight points and led Ghosh by 10-5. Padasak took the second game 11-5

The third game was really close with points leveled at 9-9. Ghosh made a great comeback and took the third game to win it 14-12. This was a great comeback by Ghosh after losing the first two games. He handled the tense situations well to keep going in the game.

Padasak again made a great comeback to take the fourth game 11-5. Ghosh was now down 1-3. A must 5th game for Ghosh followed.

Ghosh fought well in the last game as it reached a deuce at 10-10. This was a hard fought game with scores leveled at 11-11. Ghosh could not withstand the pressure and lost to Padasak 1-4.

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