India’s selectors to decide on the way forward with Dhoni, says Ganguly|18-Oct-2019 17:27

One day after he takes charge as president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India on 23 October, former India captain Sourav Ganguly will meet with India’s selectors to discuss the future of MS Dhoni.

Dhoni hasn’t been seen since India’s exit in the semi-final of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019, and is currently on sabbatical, with no clarity yet on whether he will make himself available for selection in the near future.

Ganguly said that while the decision on whether or not Dhoni plays is not his to make, he will seek clarity from the selectors, and if needed from Dhoni himself, on where things stand. "I need to find out from the selectors when I meet them next. We should find out what the selectors think," Ganguly said. "It's not my opinion. I was nowhere in the picture all these days. My first selection committee meeting will be on the 24th.

"What he wants to do, what he doesn't [want] to do…What matters is what Dhoni wants. Maybe there is clarity between Dhoni and the selectors, but I do not know of it as yet. Neither side has discussed anything with me. They'll decide on the way forward."

Explaining further the role of the team management in determining the course of action, Ganguly said that the onus will be on captain Virat Kohli to take a stand on Dhoni’s future, and for communication channels between the two players to always remain open.

"Virat is very important as to what he is communicating to Dhoni. What he expects of him is very hard to say. But I don't think anybody should jump the gun and pass a statement. If Virat and the team management expect Dhoni to come back and play, he will play. If they feel like moving forward, they would move forward. Of course, the selectors will also play an important role."