How To Become a Professional Kabaddi Player?

File Photo : Pro Kabaddi league|25-May-2019 19:20

India is the birthplace for the sport of Kabaddi and has evolved into a professional league to make the sport famous all over the world. This article tries to act as a guide for all the kabaddi players on how to become a professional player and enter into the famous Pro Kabaddi league.


A student pursuing his education in school or college can follow this path to become a professional kabaddi player. First the student should approach the physical education director (PT) in school or college and enroll themselves into a Kabaddi class. Then the player with the help of PT should enter the school or college kabaddi team. After that by proving the skills in each stage like district and state, they can move to the next level. 

An Aspiring  kabaddi player has to clear the selection trials conducted by Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI) to represent India in any international competitions  like Asian Games or World Cup. (AKFI)


If the athlete has not pursued his education , then the path to move forward is through academies or clubs. This path can also be followed by athletes who do not have proper facilities in their school or college.

The athlete can register himself in an academy or club and with the help of coaches, the player should enter the team. After that the player should prove the skills possessed, so the player can get into the state team.

An Aspiring  kabaddi player has to clear the selection trials conducted by  (AKFI) to represent India in any international competitions  like Asian Games or World Cup. (AKFI)


Kabaddi players should make use of the Khelo India School or Youth Games to show their skill sets to the selectors, so they are able to select them for camps at the junior district or state level.

Players should  perform well at the National level Khelo India School or Youth Games, so they are recruited into camps which prepares players for youth or junior national teams . It is a very big opportunity for the player to display their talent to all the national level coaches.  In addition to it,the competition at national level will be telecasted in various media channels.


Players can use the Pro Kabaddi league as a launching pad and get selected into the Indian team. There are three paths by which the player can enter the league

  1. The ‘Future Kabaddi Heroes’ campaign launched by the league aims at identifying the best young kabaddi talents in the country and nurturing them to play in the league. The three year old programme, sees thousands of aspirants which are then proned down to be included in the auction pool. These players enter the auction in the NYP category.
  2.  A player who has represented state can register himself for the Pro Kabaddi league auction when they pass the trials by the teams in league.
  3.  If a team has spotted a talent at any level, they can register the player in the auction.


After the player has entered the auction, the committee gives a base price for all the players according to their category. If a player is selected by a team, then the player can play in the league.

There are different categories for athletes according to their age:-

  • Men or Women
  • Under 19 Men or Women
  • Under 17 Men or Women
  • Under 14 Men or Women

Important point :- At the current moment  players who play in the Indo International Premier Kabaddi League (IIPKL) are not eligible to represent the national team. Athletes of various categories youth, junior and senior should apply for the events which are suited to their age and weight .

Kabaddi players can use any of the above ways in order to achieve his ultimate aim of becoming a professional Kabaddi player and win medals for the country. Kabaddi players can use this article as a guide and understand the various opportunities available for them in order to succeed in their life as a sportsperson.