Harika beats Javanko in Round 6 of Isle of Man chess tourney

File Photo : Harika Dronavalli
IANS|29-Sep-2017 17:11

Isle of Man, Sep 29 : Indian Grand Master Harika Dronavalli bounced back from two successive defeats to edge past English GM Javanko Houska in the sixth round of the Isle of Man International chess tournament here.

The World No.10 Indian, playing with black pieces, put the Englishwoman on the back foot from the initial stages of the game and proved too good for her opponent as the game finished in the Indian's favour after 43 moves on Thursday.

"I got a great start and maintained pressure on my opponent to convert a slightly better position to a win," Harika said after the game.

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Even though Harika ended her losing spell with a spectacular victory, she will face a tougher challenge in her next round as she takes on World No.3 Russian, Vladimir Kramnik, for her seventh round clash.

"It's going to be special as he is my favourite player but I will try to put in my best effort and get a good result out of it," the Guntur girl said ahead of the blockbuster clash.

At the end of six rounds, Harika is currently placed fifth with three wins, two losses and one draw.