SPORTINGINDIA|02-Jul-2019 10:22

The invention of technology in various sports had increased the amount of people watching the sports as it has become much simpler for them to understand the sport. Digital Score cards and Timings displayed during a live match or race was the start for the people to create new technologies to bridge the gap between sport and audience. Then the baton was passed to different sports to make the inventors create a small technological advancement to increase the number of people watching the sport.

World Federations in different sports slowly started to shift their vision to inclusion of all kinds of people in sports. This vision first step started with including people of disabilities, or lost limbs with the advancement of prosthetic technology. Lot of people with disabilities started to involve themselves in sport which gave a different dimension to sport.

Entire Sporting world is waiting for an invention in sports to make the audience understand all the aspects of a particular sport in an easier way. The core theme of this conference is to make people involve the art of applying scientific applications in the sports field and get people to the ground. Get ready to have a chance to present your ideas in a global platform.  

Global DigiSports Con is a digital India initiative organized by the International Association of Sports and ICT in association with Research Foundation of Sports and Sports Education, Tirunelveli, and Asia Africa Council for Sustainable Peace and Development, Jaipur, and Noida College of Physical Education, Noida.  

Information and Communicative technology in sports education is the key concept of this conference.  The subthemes are e-sports, sports analytics, traditional sports, technology-enabled sports, electronics, and virtual sports and futuristic sports education, the influence of sports in health management, sports nutrition and much more.

This summit is exclusively designed for academicians, sports associates, administrators, researchers, policymakers, physical educational professionals, experts within the field of engineering and technology, sports industries, engineering students, etc., who have a passion to create a change in sports 

The conference is going to be held on 2nd and 3rd of August 2019, at Hotel SeaView, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India.  The two-day program consists of Forum from renowned speakers across the globe on sports and technology.  Network meetings with Arjuna Awardees, sports authorities, engineering, technology, and physical professionals.  Sports start-ups can meet their investors here. 
An emerging technology company in sports will be allotted exhibition stalls.  Paper presentation with the best idea will receive exciting cash prizes and start to work with sports tech gaints. The best-papers will be published in the reputed Scopus indexed international journals . Log on to to know more and register to see your thoughts and ideas transform into action.  Kick start your entrepreneurial journey here.