France and USA 1 emerged Venice Cup and d Orsi trophy winners

SportingIndia|10-Oct-2015 11:25

CHENNAI:  France emerged the winner of the Venice Cup for women after putting down a fighting USA 2  by a narrow 8.7 IMPs (179.7-171) margin  while USA 1 lifted the d ‘Orsi trophy for seniors with ease beating  Sweden  263-126.3 IMPs  as the first phase of triumphant moments arrived in the HCl-42nd World bridge team championship here on Friday.

France (Cronier/Willard and  Hugon/Campagnano  and   Reess/Zochowska  )  had started the second day of the finals with a 0.7 IMPs lead. As the team feared USA2  over took it in the very first (the fourth round of the final).  Though France came back strongly with three double swings in the fifth round, the final session proved testing as USA 2(Sokolow/ Seamon-Molson and Palmer/ Deas ) made a game effort  but the leeway was too broad to bridge as it turned out.  This was France’s third time success in this prestigious event, having won the cup in 2005 and 2011.  England took the third place for the bronze medal beating  Netherlands 165-139.7.

The contest in the senior section really did not take off thanks to the wonderful hands that USA 1 and that included legends Hamman and Zia Mahmood (Rosenberg, Lair, Milner and Lall were the others who served the side).  Leading by over 100 IMPs from yesterday’s effort, it was a case of cruising along and that is what the Americans did, no matter that the Swedes managed a consolation 20-19 success in the last round. This is the third time that USA 1 was annexing this trophy having won this in 2003 and 2005.  Poland took the bronze medal  finishing third beating  USA 2 208-147.

The drama in the Bermuda Bowl remains and if happenings on Friday are any indication this should provide a thrilling finish.  Trailing by over 50 IMPs after three rounds, Poland found the overnight break invigorating enough to turn the table on Sweden straightaway on start of the fourth round. Successive two-digit swings in three early boards virtually erased the margin and before long Poland was upfront. The massive win in the fourth round was followed by another brilliant round next.

 Suffice to state Poland served well by Jassem/Mazurkiewicz and Kalita/Nowosadzki  Gawrys/Klukowski , taking turns, just did not leave any room for a comeback by the Swedes. The day’s final round was a show of intent concentration and less risk display as Poland settled for a 27-19 win to consolidate  its position. Two more rounds of 16 boards each on Saturday will determine which team will have the last laugh. The gallant fighters for Sweden   Upmark/ Nystrom and  Sylvan/ Wrang  Warne/Bergdahl had to  rue the day after the impressive run in the first three rounds.

In the Transnational team event final, to be held tomorrow, Bulgaria Open will play former champions Zimmermann.  Bulgaria was unsure of its passage in to the final until the final round  when it had trailed against Askgaard. The win in the final round (35-18) not only wiped out arrears but also boosted its total for a 102-92 final margin.  Zimmermann on the other hand forced the issue over YBM in the penultimate round itself  after the latter team threw in the towel trailing 28-125.

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