Four cricketers arrested for 'respecting' Pakistan national anthem

File Photo : Handcuffs
IANS|07-Jan-2018 16:57

Srinagar, Jan 7 : Four Kashmiri boys were arrested on Sunday in Jammu and Kashmir's Bandipora district for lining up as Pakistan's national anthem was played before the start of a cricket match.

After a video went viral showing the players' conduct in Arin village before the start of the match, police arrested the four.

Police said they were looking for the organisers of the match who arranged the shooting of the video.

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In 2016 also, a video went viral showing local cricketers line up to "salute" Pakistan's national anthem before the start of a match in Ganderbal district.

Police had arrested some of the boys then but they were let off after assurances from the parents.