Fines for sexual discrimination proposed for major Spanish tennis tournament

File Photo : Barcelona Open Banc-Sabadell tennis tournament
IANS|10-Jan-2018 13:26

Madrid, Jan 10 : Soft drinks manufacturer Schweppes and the Totte Vignau modelling agency face fines of 25,000 euros ($29,829.50) for sexual discrimination against event stewardesses during the Barcelona Open Banc-Sabadell tennis tournament (Torneo de Godo) held in Barcelona in April 2017, the Spanish media confirms.

The Catalan Work Inspection department has imposed the fines following an investigation which came in the wake of a complaint made by the General Union of Workers (UGT) in May of last year, reports Xinhua news agency. 

The UGT complained that eight models employed by Schweppes as event stewardess from the agency were forced to work throughout the tournament wearing miniskirts and short sleeved t-shirts, despite low temperatures and rain.

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This was both sexist while at the same time denying the women, who were working outside, adequate protection from the elements.

Some of the women complained they had to work in these conditions despite feeling ill and having had a fever during the previous night.

The possible fines for sexual discrimination range from between 10,000 to over 180,000 euros ($214,758), with fines of 25,000 proposed for both Schweppes and the model agency, while the Work Inspection Department has told the Real Club de Tenis de Barcelona, where the tournament is played that it "has to guarantee the coordination of the business activities in order to prevent risks to workers in the tournament."

UGT representative, Eva Gajardo told Spanish TV that "we are used to seeing scenes where women are put in situations where they have to show some flesh ... we denounced the use of the bodies of 8 women for publicity purposes in the Conde de Godo," she said.