Disappointing finish for Laxmirani Majhi, ends at 43rd position

Lacmi Rani in a file photo
Sportingindia|06-Aug-2016 00:28

Rio de Janiero, Aug 6: Laxmirani Majhi is known for scoring 10s rather frequently and she is expected to do well after her past performances in various competitions at the international level.

Laxmirani Majhi was at the 19th place with 54 at the end of the first round. At the end of the second round Laxmirani dropped further by 2 ranks to move to the 21st position. At the end of the 2nd round, Laxmirani had a total tally of 107.

Laxmirani Majhi had a horror round wherein she scored just 49 and she was pushed to the 40th position at the end of the third round. Laxmirani Majhi did well to gain three places to move to the 37th position with a total score of 210.

Laxmirani Majhi's dropped to the 43rd position at the end of the fifth round. She had a total score of 260. She dropped further by six places to 49th position with a total score of 306.

Majhi's bad run continued in the 7th round and she dropped to 54th place.Laxmirani Majhi's gained four places, however she was at a poor 50th place with a score of 408 at the end of the eight round. At the end of the 10th round, Manjhi occupied the 41st position with a total point tally of 515.

It was a disappointing finish for Manjhi as she ended at the 43rd position with 614.

Manjhi will face Alexandra Longova of Slovakia.

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