Deepika falters in the later half to finish at a disappointing 20th place

Deepika Kumar in a file photo
Sportingindia|06-Aug-2016 00:39

Rio de Janeiro, Aug 6: 22 year old Deepika was expected to do well after she qualified for Olympics by equaling the record set by South Korea’s Bo Bae in the 2015 Archery World Cup in Shanghai. She is also former world no. 1. Deepika started well and at the end of the first round Deepika had a score of 56 and she was at the 9th position. In the next two rounds Deepika did well to move her individual score to 164.


She was at the 8th position at the end of the third round. In the 4th round Deepika did well to score 58 and move to the third position, in the 5th round Deepika did a superb job and moved to the top position. After doing so well Deepika had a really bad round wherein she scored just 49 and she was thrown to the fifth place from the top. In the 7th round Deepika Kumari had a poor show with just 46, she dropped to 18th position with a total score of 375.


Deepika Kumari did slightly better in the eighth round, she scored 54 and she was at the 17th position with a total of 429. She fell further to the 23rd position at the end of the 10th round. She had a total of 531 points at the end of the 10th round. At the end of the 12th and the final round, Deepika finishes at the 20th position.


Deepika Kumari finishes 20th with a total score of 640. She started off well but then faltered. She had even hit the top spot before stumbling at the halfway mark. The archer will now face Kristine Esebua of Georgia in the first round.

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