Bhaskar inches closer to become the first athlete to represent India in Karate for Olympic 2020 berth

Bhaskar won the Elbe-Cup International this month in Hamburg, where over 400 competitors from all over the world were fighting for the top spot. This is the first time an Indian has been on the podium in the prestigious ELBE-CUP which is organised by Hamburg Karate Association. The win in Elbe-Cup brings him closer to securing an Olympic berth for the nation. Bhaskar was also in attendance at the Salzburg Open this year, where he was placed 16th in his group, making him gain substantial Olympic points to compete in the next.


Bhaskar is in course to become the first Indian Karate athlete to represent India in Olympics 2020 and he has started his journey towards Tokyo 2020 Olympics already having attended the Second qualification stage in Austria on March this year, and Intensive training in Belgium under five-time World Champion this year also, he is on schedule to attend major qualification tournaments and intensive training for a number of sessions in Santiago, Chile and Palermo, Italy respectively in the next few months.


Bhaskar has been representing India at International Level since 2009 at championships ranging from World Championships to the Commonwealth, as also being a three-time Commonwealth medalist and being 2015 and 2016 US Open Champion himself and is currently on course to train for Premier League tournaments happening round the year essential to his qualification, he has also single handedly led the UPB, Germany, contingent to 9th place at the lately concluded National University Championships in Heidelberg, although belonging to a country where support for Sport like karate is utterly low.