Baseball5 lands in Great Britain

Photo :|07-Aug-2019 12:14

The new WBSC urban discipline Baseball5 was played for the first time in Great Britain at the Kent and Medway Business Games (KMBG), with almost 150 people participating in the multi-sport event. Baseball5 first appeared in the UK on May 20, with a preparation clinic for the KMBG.

At the Business Games, two teams played a slightly adapted version of the game, with a time limit ensuring that all participants saw plenty of action. Kent Sport ran the event after attending the May clinic and was thrilled with Baseball5’s inclusive and simple format.

“It was fantastic to see how quickly people who have no previous knowledge or experience of the sport were able to pick up Baseball5,” remarked Tim Sells from Kent Sport. “We had a wide range of abilities amongst the teams, but the simplicity of having no equipment meant that all the participants were able to achieve successful results. The small playing area and fast pace of the game kept everyone engaged throughout and feedback was really positive.”

BaseballSoftballUK Development Department goal is to introduce Baseball5 as an urban format of the sport, particularly in areas or communities where space and resources are limited.