All praise for a well conducted world bridge championship

SportingIndia|10-Oct-2015 11:20

CHENNAI:  Just  a day remains for the 42nd edition of the World Bridge Championship to end in Chennai and it is time to give the organizers the Bridge Federation of India as also  the Tamil Nadu Bridge Association what is due to them: a big applause as the World Bridge Federation President Giannarigo Rona as to say here on Friday.

Mr Rona was giving an assessment of how the Chennai edition went off at a press meet.  He said hosting a championship of this nature with players from so many countries required deft handling and planning at every stage.  “We are happy on all counts the BFI has done an excellent job.   I have had feedbacks from officials, players and others and everybody talked of having enjoyed totally. My congratulations to Mr Moorthy ( Kirubakaramoorthy, President BFI) and his team for this good show.”

The  WBF President also said that he was impressed with the response for the Transnational team event where there were 141 entries, many from India and this compared well with the 151 registered in Bali last time.  “I am happy there were so many Indian teams in this and this would have helped them interact with some of  the best players in the world,” he said.

Mr Rona said it was also getting time to welcome the new winners (the Bermuda and Transnational winners will be known only on Saturday) and share with them their joy .

Mr Moorthy admitted that hosting the Championship was a huge task but thanks to support from all, from the sponsors to the Customs at the airport and services at the championship hotel  ITC Grand Chola everything has gone off smoothly and “we feel proud about it all.”  To a question he said the BFI hoped that the Championship would inspire a new generation of players and do good for Indian bridge in the time to come. He was particularly happy at the interest shown by some schools to teach bridge to children. This should be the beginning of new things to come, he said.

As like in most sport globally now, issues of unfair play have begun to be spring up in bridge lately.  The only feel of this in this edition was the way two prominent players of Poland was asked to withdraw from the championship soon after the team landed here over issues of their play in the European Championship earlier.  Referring to this and other matters that seemed to have come up over a year or two, Mr David Harris, member of  General council WBF gave details of the steps the Federation would take to deal with such issues and nip them in their bud and wished speculations are not played up.

 Later Mr Rona reiterated that WBF aimed at making  bridge  ‘clean ’and not make it a subject of this allegation and that.  While on this, Mr Rona, replying to an overseas correspondent’s question  on whether Poland (which is sure to win a medal, gold or silver) will be penalised should the two players who were asked to withdraw were later found guilty of misconduct, said that “everything will go according to rules”.  Here  Ms Georgia Heth, Disciplinary Commission, Chairman intervened to say, “we do not know about that yet.”

For the moment, as the WBF President was to rise and conlcude, “lets rejoice over the well conducted Championship in Chennai.”

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