All India Council of Sports seeks to counter doping menace

File Photo : Vijay Kumar Malhotra
IANS|03-Aug-2017 18:28

New Delhi, Aug 3 : All India Council of Sports President Vijay Kumar Malhotra on Thursday expressed his anguish over the increasing incidents of doping and stressed the need to introduce robust mechanism to counter the menace.

Malhotra said that most of the dope cases take place because sportspersons consume general medicine and food/health supplements available across the counter without much knowledge about their components.

He said there is a need to educate sportspersons regularly and spread awareness about the medicines and food/health supplements which contains the prohibited substances, through advertisements in newspapers, TV Channels, social media and so on.

Malhotra said he has taken up the matter with the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development and with the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) to include one chapter in the textbooks at all levels and also to print small booklets for distribution among students of all schools/colleges, including all sportspersons, so as to educate them about the ill effects of doping.