5-day fencing training camp ends

File Photo : Alexandre Ziegler
IANS|16-Dec-2017 21:23

New Delhi, Dec 16 : A five-day fencing training camp, sponsored as part of Bonjour India by the Embassy of France in association with the Fencing Association of India (FAI), ended on Saturday.

The training camp at Purana Qila brought together fencers and coaches from Delhi-NCR, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and the Indian Navy.

The event was led by two French fencing masters-at-arms (Maîtres d'Armes), Olivier Lambert and Jean-Bernard Duchateau, who demonstrated the art of fencing to the general public, which was followed by a competition among 25 amateur Indian fencers.

On behalf of French Ambassador Alexandre Ziegler, the Deputy Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs Institut Français India, Aruna Adiceam, welcomed FAI President Rajeev Mehta for the final event.

"Fencing in India has been around for more than three decades but the sport has been low-key as infrastructure and sponsorship for the sport is lacking. Yet with dedication of Indian fencers and coaches, India has begun to win medals at the Asian level. 

"And there is immense scope for Indian fencers to win at global tournaments. Training under French coaches, who are considered the best fencers in the world, is of great benefit for Indian fencers and coaches. My sincere thanks to the French Embassy for their valuable support in promoting Fencing in India."

Ziegler said: "Our idea behind bringing two visiting masters from France was to showcase this sport to New Delhi's enthusiastic public and -- in the spirit of Bonjour India -- collaborate with India's professionals and budding talent. I hope that this event will inspire many Indian youngsters to take up fencing."